Motorcycles: practical advice for a safer road.


Safety: The motto of the motorcyclist

As the adage states “ You are not born a biker, you become one ”, an experienced biker has integrated the essential safety rules , both during his motorcycle license training and during his first motorcycling experiences as an AM or A1 license holder. .

The objective of road safety is to make the road safer for all its users. Motorcyclists are the group most exposed to risks and serious bodily harm.

Here is a reminder of the prerequisites for controlled driving.

Mastery of two-wheelers

Excellent braking control considerably limits the risk of falls and accidents . It is always useful to review your knowledge in this area and check that in practice, all the recommendations covered during the motorcycle school courses are well integrated.

apply both brakes simultaneously

brake sharply then jerkily in the event of a sudden slowdown

do not block the wheels

brake right motorcycle

never brake on bends

use the rear brake in case of poor road grip

Sudden braking can cause an imbalance, so it is essential to be able to quickly analyze the situation and adopt the right trajectory to avoid the obstacle.

An evasive maneuver is often less risky for a powered two-wheeler than braking hard and losing your balance under braking.

Good physical conditions

Feeling in perfect physical shape and without any particular concerns allows for a more assured driving insofar as being at the controls of a two-wheeler requires concentration and physical effort .

Consequently, it is important to take physical or mental fatigue into account before hitting the road and to ban the consumption of alcohol , narcotics or even certain medications which alter the driver’s vigilance and reflexes.

See and be seen

 sight, gaze, anticipation

As wearing a helmet attenuates sound, excellent vision is essential, so it is essential to ensure the quality of sight and to clean the visor regularly .

The gaze determines the trajectory of the motorcycle. Looking as far and as wide as possible allows you to anticipate the dangers and necessary slowdowns such as around roundabouts, when approaching traffic lights, pedestrian crossings or road deterioration.

Analyze the behavior of all usersof the road, motorized or not, makes it possible to anticipate a dangerous situation and to avoid a danger.

The front wheels of vehicles are an indicator of a dislocation.

In the event of braking, check that the vehicle following will have time to stop .

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