Towing versus roadside assistance with mobile unit for trucks and semi-trailers

trucks and semi-trailers

A commercial truck or semi-trailer breakdown is one of the most frustrating problems for truck drivers and fleet managers. Indeed, it can happen anywhere and at unexpected times. This problem causes frustration, loss of time and financial loss.

But now, with mobile truck and trailer units, you can get immediate help, anytime. These roadside services are different from what most repair companies offer; more expensive and time-consuming towing services. Establishing a working relationship with a reputable truck and mobile unit repair service provider is essential to ensure you receive emergency repair services, no matter when or where the incident occurs. your breakdown. Here are some reasons why truck and trailer repair by a mobile unit is preferable to towing.

The latest technology

When you opt for a mobile unit, it does not mean that you will compromise on the quality of services you get from the provider. Most garages that offer mobile repair services have invested heavily in their service units including compressors, generators, diagnostic software and welding equipment.

In addition, the mobile service units are equipped with modern and high-end technological devices and tools, such as troubleshooting applications, to ensure that they offer fast, professional and reliable truck and trailer repair services. efficient. It’s no surprise that you can get all the service you’re used to from a stationary garage from a mobile truck and trailer repair service unit.

Qualified technicians are familiar with modern truck and trailer repair technologies and are ready to solve any problems you may encounter quickly and correctly, the first time. Their service trucks are equipped with modern tools and equipment that guarantee a quick and efficient repair.


While there’s nothing practical about your truck or tractor-trailer breaking down in unthinkable places and times, it’s worth knowing that you can access repair services by mobile units 24 hours a day. /7 and right where your truck breaks down.

Fleet managers and truck drivers have peace of mind knowing they can access repair and maintenance services anytime, anywhere, and only hours after the trailer fails. If you are a fleet manager, you can schedule truck and trailer maintenance anytime and anywhere instead of waiting for a later date when the vehicle arrives at your station.

Scheduled maintenance is quick and helps avoid costly repairs. This is why you should consider using mobile unit repair services for your fleet.

Minimum downtime

One of the main benefits of using mobile trucks and roadside assistance repair services is that you will minimize downtime for your fleet because repair services are available the moment you contact them. Unlike towing services, your truck will not be moved from its current location for repairs. Instead, everything is done on site.

Remember that if your truck is towed to the company garage, it may need to be queued for repair. This is not the case for repair services by mobile units.

For example, if the truck was transporting goods to your client, the journey will be minimally affected, as repairs will be carried out immediately and the vehicle can resume the journey in no time.

No towing

Thanks to the mobile units, your truck will not have to be towed to the garage. It saves you time and money, especially if you are a commercial carrier. A mobile repair service saves you the cost of hiring a tow truck to move your roadside equipment to the garage.

Another major drawback of towing is that the truck can sit in the garage for several days while waiting for service. Companies that offer mobile unit repair services for trucks and trailers ensure that the technicians they deploy have training and experience in inspecting and repairing trucks and trailers quickly. These mechanics will quickly diagnose your trailer problem and provide a solution as soon as possible.

Full range of services

Similar to a regular heavy truck garage, mobile truck repair service providers offer comprehensive repair and maintenance services. Some services you can get include fluid flushes, brake repair, oil changes, tire repair/replacement, fluid replacement, and transmission service. Unless your truck requires complex repair services, all other common services are available from reputable truck and mobile unit suppliers.

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