Obtain a regional bonus for the purchase of a bicycle as an individual

purchase of a bicycle

Do you live in Wallonia ? Do you travel or do you want to travel regularly by bike, for example to get to work? Do you want to buy a cargo bike to take your children to school? Are you interested in a financial boost?

Wallonia offers you a bonus for the purchase of a bicycle for your utility trips !

This bonus is intended for any natural person aged at least eighteen years , or any emancipated minor, whose domicile is located in the Walloon Region.

Almost all types of bicycles can qualify for a bonus, whether they are new or used, equipped or not with electric assistance.

The amount of the bonus amounts to a maximum of  of the purchase price, with ceilings ranging from depending on the type of bike and the applicant’s situation .

Purchase must have been made between July

The bike covered by the bonus must be used:

for at least 40% of journeys between home and work ;

or for at least 40% of job-seeking trips.

If it is a cargo bike , the beneficiary is not obliged to use it for commuting or when looking for a job. On the other hand, everyday use is required for this type of bike: driving your children to school, shopping…

This bonus is available until the budget provided by Wallonia is exhausted.

Only one award can be granted per person.

This bonus can be combined with other bonuses that may be put in place by other levels of government (see the “municipal and provincial bonuses” page of the Mobility Portal in Wallonia ).

To find out about the complete regulations relating to this bonus, consult the “Order of the Walloon Government (26/11/2020) setting the terms and conditions for granting a subsidy to any natural person for the purchase of a bicycle” (soon available).

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