Driving licence: all about the theoretical and practical tests


The driving license attests to your ability to drive on public roads with certain types of vehicles (depending on the category of license you are passing). It constitutes an official authorization granted to you to drive a car, motorcycle, van, or other. This is why obtaining it requires passing a state examination, involving both theoretical and practical tests.

Outline of the article

The Highway Code exam: to assess your mastery of the rules of conduct

What are the points assessed?

How is the Highway Code test conducted?

Driving license practical exam: how is the driving test carried out?

The Highway Code exam: to assess your mastery of the rules of conduct

The Code exam is the first step in the process of getting your driver’s license. To simplify the management of driving license applications, the Ministry of the Interior has decentralized registration for the Code examination. Thus, you can register with professionals such as objectifcode.sgs.com at a single rate of 30 euros, for the evaluation of your knowledge of road traffic .

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What are the points assessed?

On the road, several types of signs inform users of what to do, of an upcoming danger, etc. A distinction is made between horizontal signs, vertical signs and the signs of agents .

Vertical markings include, for example, traffic signs (mandatory, indication, prohibition) and traffic lights. As for road markings, they refer to the strips drawn on the roads. During the exam, you may be asked questions about the meaning of various signs. You may also be asked about:

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priority rules (priority to the right, right of way, etc.) ;

reactions to have in one situation or another;

principles to follow when driving;

car characteristics;

first aid rules.

highway code examination;  driving license exam

How is the Highway Code test conducted?

After registering, once you are informed of the exam date, you must arrive at the center at the indicated time, making sure not to be late. You will need to bring your invitation to the exam, on which the NEPH (Harmonized Prefectural Registration Number) is written, and an identity document.

For the actual exam, you are provided with a headset and a tablet (to be returned at the end of the exam). You are then submitted to 40 questions relating to the various points mentioned above. To pass, you must total at least 35 correct answers .

Driving license practical exam: how is the driving test carried out?

As for the theory test, you will receive a summons to the driving test. You will have to present the invitation again, as well as an identity document. All these documents will be checked by an examiner . The latter will then subject you to several driving exercises (in built-up areas and outside built-up areas), during which you will have to make sure to keep your calm. The examiner will assess your ability to correctly assess the risks and to adapt to new driving conditions, in order to make the appropriate decisions.

Specific tests will punctuate your practical driving license exam. In this case it is:

a precision braking exercise;

a reverse manoeuvre ;

two internal and external checks.

The practical driving license tests last approximately 30 minutes. You must achieve a score of at least 20 points out of 31 and not commit an eliminatory fault, to obtain a favorable mention. If you pass the driving test, you will receive a Driver’s License Examination Certificate (DLEC) until your driver’s license is issued to you.

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